Testing and Tagging

Testing and Tagging

How safe are your electrical appliances? 

Under electrical and OSH regulations, all electrical appliances must be maintained and periodically tested for safety. 

It is vital as an employer to ensure all your portable, plug in electrical equipment and/or appliances are tested for electrical safety on a regular basis. Many dangerous, hidden faults can only be discovered by specific electrical inspections and tests. 

Testing and tagging involves a visual inspection, electrical tests with a portable Appliance Tester and tagging of the equipment using a durable tag clearly showing the date the equipment was tested and when the next test is due. 

Melray Electric can:

  • Test and tag your electrical equipment and/or appliances with minimal disruption to your business. 
  • Supply a register of all equipment and/or appliances tested. 
  • Carry out necessary repairs to faulty equipment and/or appliances. 

Contact us today for further information on your obligations relating to the Testing and Tagging of all your electrical equipment.